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Going To EDC Orlando? You Need Some New Gear From Dem Vibes

It's the last EDC of the year, so you need to look good!
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Dem Vibes Red Space Snapback Hat

Dem Vibes Red Space Snapback - Promotional 

Festival season might be coming to a close but there are still some great parties left including EDC Orlando. If you are headed down to Florida on November 6-7 for this sure to be epic event you are going to want to be rocking some fresh new gear. 

Dem Vibes has been busy creating some great new pieces just in time for EDC Orlando or any other festival this year for that matter. 

Because life's too short not to have Dem Vibes flowin!

Dem Vibes Cosmic Explosion Hat

Dem Vibes Cosmic Explosion Snapback - Promotional

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