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When artists are on tour they usually bring with them their essentials, like clothes and gear for their show. With that in mind, tour buses are hotspots for thieves who are looking to capitalize right when the artist let's their guard down. 

While Gramatik and his crew were wrapping up their performance at their gig in Aarhus, Denmark, they walked back onto their tour bus to notice that a few crucial items had been stolen, 6 laptops to be exact. 

This type of thing could mean the end of a tour that most likely took months to plan, but Gramatik took precautions by backing up his laptop and the tour will now continue.

These incidents happen all too often and it doesn't take much for an artist to realize they have to back-up their material. Just last month Junior Sanchez and Jesse Rose were robbed in Ibiza and completely lost some irreplaceable content on their computers, hard drives and USBs. Luckily for Gramatik, he's still got what he needs to continue his European tour, view the remaining dates below.

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