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Gun Pulled on DJ For Not Taking Song Request From a Teenager

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DJ's don't take song requests anymore. It just doesn't happen, unless your at some crappy dive bar where the DJ is playing Top 40 hits and you want him to play Drake or some other mainstream track. Although it's frowned upon, it still does happen and in Boulder, Colorado things escalated quickly.


On Sunday, an 18 year old was arrested for threatening those around him with a gun. This was all brought on due to the fact that the DJ at the house party would not play a song request. This is clearly one of the most outrageous stories we have heard in recent history surrounding a simple DJ request. Kids these days seem to think they can get anything they want with a little brute force. Wake up! The world doesn't work that way. 

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Police responded to a call that stated a pair of teens had been disturbing the peace. Before the police could arrive, the teens had entered the party and one of them was found pointing a gun in the DJ's face for not playing his song request. Thankfully the situation did not escalate further and the teen was arrested on counts of felony menacing and is due to be sentenced later this week.

Earlier this year a DJ in India was shot dead due to similar instance where the DJ would not play a song request. There are some crazy and psychologically messed up people in this world and that's just a fact.

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