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How To Dance To Drum and Bass

Dancing to D&B is hard, here are some pointers to get your moves smoothed out
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X-Out / Stepping is a good move with a little practice

X-Out / Stepping is a good move with a little practice

I was at a Rudimental show not to long ago and noticed something really strange when they went into some of their harder Drum and Bass songs, no one at the show knew how to dance to Drum and Bass?

When the beats started hitting hard it looked like the audience was having a massive seizure, not dancing. No one was moving to the right part of the tune, everyone was trying to dance to the most frantic part, the snare rolls.  Newsflash you can't dance to 180 BPM without looking like you are getting electrocuted. 

It's all good, you gotta start somewhere but dancing that way is likely to give you a spinal injury or a permanent twitch. Dancing to D&B takes some practice for the not so rhythmically inclined as it's not your typical 4/4 beat and it's moving typically around 160 - 180 BPM vs 120 or so. 

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Here are a variety of Youtube tutorials that we dug up that might help you refine your moves at bit next time you head out to a show. No judging, this shits hard if you are a newb. 

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