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How To Sync Traktor and Ableton Live With Razer Music

Have you ever wanted to combine  your Live and Traktor set-up for the ultimate performance? Here's how.
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Traktor and Live In Sync

The guys at Razer have an amazing new site for producers and DJs called Razer Music. Here you can see some of the biggest names in the game dropping some advice and tips on how to get the most out of your productions and DJing. Guys like deadmau5, Dyro, Carnage and more. 

Check out this really helpful lesson for getting your Traktor DJ and Ableton rig set-up together and synced so you can take your live performance to the next level. 

From Razer Music

If you’d like to expand your DJing arsenal and be more creative in your sets, the next step to take is to begin using Traktor and Ableton Live together. Syncing the two programs gives DJs and producers a flexible workspace that can be utilized in a variety of ways. In one of the simplest scenarios, tracks can be played in Traktor while loops are triggered in Ableton Live. Using the two programs together can be especially attractive for producers who create their own music. Here’s a guide on how to sync the two.

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Open Traktor, then open Traktor’s Preferences and navigate to MIDI Clock Preferences.

Check the box to send MIDI clock. The Sending Offset should remain at 0 ms.

Traktor Preferences image.

You always start in the preferences.

Read the rest of the article on Razer Music 

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