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Ibiza Council Settles on Official Club Closing Time

Officials have set forth new laws to control clubs on the island
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Some may think Ibiza is a lawless land filled with debauchery, but in recent years authorities on the island have been becoming more strict toward clubs and music bars. 

Now it's becoming officiand and the President of the Island Council, Vincent Torres, along with 5 mayors of separate municipalities came together to officially issue new restrictions. Larger clubs like Pacha, Amnesia, DC10, Sankeys and Space will now have to completely shut down by 6:30am with smaller music bars having to do the same by 5:00am.

In order to uphold the new laws, officials “will impose sanctions that are commensurate with the offence committed, especially repeat offenders,” to any venue that willingly stays open past the specific time. Amnesia is one such club that will be specifically targeted due to this past summer when the club stayed open late on 15 occasions and, for their closing party, stayed open 7 hours late. 

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Many venues experienced issues with island authorities this past summer. Guy Gerber's RUMORS party was shut down on back to back occasions and Carl Cox and tINI's events had to be canceled, plus Solomun and Luciano events as well. Nightlife business people are not going to take this news lightly.


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