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Juju & Jordash (LIVE) with Protect-U (LIVE) and Willie Burns at Good Room in Brooklyn This Friday

good room

Get ready for some heavyset sounds at Good Room in Brooklyn.

This Friday, October 23, Brooklyn's own Good Room has put together an intense combination of experimental dance music. Willie Burns (W.T. Records) and Protect-U (Future Times) are going to grease the wheels for the epic and wild, Juju & Jordash (Dekmantel, Golf Channel Recordings).

Juju & Jordash found one another through weekly be-bop jams back in the mid-90s, with Juju on guitar and Jordash on piano. Throughout the 1990s each played and composed for various jazz and experimental combos. By night they would spend time in clubs and experimented with synthesizers, drum machines, and various styles of dance music.

Juju & Jordash's fully improvised hardware live shows have been highly regarded for their musicality and versatility. J&J have released numerous EPs, LPs and remixes since 2004 on record labels such as Dekmantel and Golf Channel Recordings. They've also graced such labels as Workshop and Off Minor Recordings as Magic Mountain High, together with David Moufang (aka Move D), as well as several ambient film soundtracks and multimedia projects.

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Proxies for the word “synthesizer” usually imply some sort of limitation: box, rig, assembly, gear, array, machine, and so on. In Protect-U’s hands, synths are liberated to contribute whatever they can toward body-moving and brain-waving. The Washington, D.C. duo consisting of Mike Petillo and Aaron Leitko, treats every piece of hardware as an expression of possibility, and then enjoins those circuits for their rhythm-driven mission.

“Free USA,” Protect-U’s first LP, is merely one high-glow reference point in a planetarium that includes various head-approved EPs, mixes, and remixes, as well as a solid history of live shows where established hooks, improvised grooves, and new math unite, to both honor and disrupt the precepts of house and techno.

Known best as Willie Burns, William Burnett has been around for years, deejaying as Speculator and producing as Grackle, Black Deer, and many other aliases. Currently releasing on taste-making labels such as The Trilogy Tapes, L.I.E.S., and Creme Organization. On top of producing records, he stays busy with a wildly varied weekly radio show (WTBS), managing the infamous record digging spot known as The Thing in Brooklyn and also running W.T. Records.

A DJ set from Burnett is something to behold, where oddities and rarities sit next to classic and forgotten gems. Humble and honest, William Burnett is a restless musical spirit that never stays in the same musical realm for too long.

If you have an adventurous ear, test your taste with this intricate set of talent this weekend. You can buy your tickets here and RSVP on their Facebook events page


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