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Kaskade is Pleased to Piss Off "Some Old Guy" Refering to Paul McCartney in Recent Interview

Kaskade seems to be having a bit of fun with Paul McCartney in a recent interview with Rolling Stone

A video surfaced after Lollapalooza this past summer that shows a clip of Paul McCartney's performance. Before going into his next song, Paul herd the bass coming from the other stage and decided to make a little joke about electronic music. The bass he heard was supposedly coming from Kaskade's set. 

On stage Paul states, "I intended this, what I'm doing is like a crazy mash-up of this song and whatever shit they're playing." 

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Now, months later, Kaskade has commented on the situation in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“I love that! There’s something irreverent about electronic music, that it’s very young and youthful, so the fact that I pissed some old guy off is very funny. Life achievement unlocked.”

Kaskade is probably one of the nicest guys in the EDM scene so we're sure this wasn't a jib at Paul McCartney, who of course is a legend himself. It's still interesting to point out how the electronic realm and the "live" music realm will clash. At festivals, especially Lollapalooza, there is a place for all types of music and that's a beautiful thing.

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