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When we came across the Absence Seizure record label we were overjoyed to see they were a vinyl only imprint. They have described their sound output as "deep techno soulful shallow house". Now that sounds like something I want to dig into. Focusing on late night dance music, Absence Seizure has a unique voice in the underground and their vinyl only status is delightfully intriguing.

The thing about vinyl is that if you're going to press a record, you really have to believe in the music. Personally, I own a lot of records that you can't get digitally, which in my mind adds value. When I play them I know I'm listening to something truly special. Absence Seizure is aware of this and they go a step further by only pressing a limited number of each release, making them even more precious. 

We got a chance to chat with label boss Matuss about her vision for the label, what influences the music and how she's able to develop a distinct sound for Absence Seizure.

Visit the Absence Seizure website to get more information on upcoming releases.

What is your vision for Absence Seizure? 

Nowadays there's too much about the hype in the music industry and very little about the music itself. People only care about big names and brands, forgetting what it was all about. My opinion is that it should be only about the music.

Our vision is based on that - we want to concentrate on music, not so much on artist's names. Maybe even hide the names or keep them secret. Bring it back to the original roots, when it was all about sounds, rhythms and movements, and people could get together and unite, enjoying the music. Our art concept is very important to me too. It is deeply connected to musical content and represents the inner side. All the artworks are Rorschach based, representing the "what you see is what you get" concept. Artist gets inspired by music and music gets inspired by artist. Pictures connect with music on a psychic level. 

Why are all of your records limited edition? 

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All of our records are limited edition because we want to constantly move forward. Treat it like boxing, stick and move, stick and move... 

How has the city of NYC influenced the musical output of the label? 

I believe that not only NY inspires us, but we also inspire NY. This city is just that unique magical place where all great things come together and influence each other.

What artists do you feature on the label and how did you find them? 

So far I wasn't looking hard for artists - it's just me and Abe Duque. Occasionally we are getting remixes from our good friends. Lately It feels like too many people work with similar sound, but if we hear something fresh and different, if someone worthy comes along, we'll be happy to collaborate.

What can we look forward to from you and the label?

I’m looking forward AS003 to be out. It’s going to happen very soon, at the end of October, so I’m very excited about it. This record includes four tracks that I wrote, deep and a little bit funky. I'm also considering other artists to be released on the label - we have a lot of plans, but as I already mentioned, we’re trying to keep the names secret. Ideally we would like people to buy our records because they loved the sound, not because they saw a familiar or promising name on the cover. However, I can definitely say that there will be more tunes from my label partner Abe Duque and me. So stay tuned!

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