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This Saturday, October 10th at 10 PM, the Good Room in Greenpoint, Brooklyn has curated an incredible night of immaculately blended techno and house producers. The night will showcase, Kimyon (Metroplex) and JM de Frias (Sequencias || NYC) followed by the legendary, Delano Smith (Mixmode, Sushitech Berlin).

Kimyon will start the night off with JM de Frias, followed by Delano Smith in the Good Room floor while Good Room resident, Lloydski will be playing in the Bad Room with In Flagranti


Kimyon Huggins, is a consummate DJ since the mid-90s, over the intervening 20 years he has risen again to renewed notice for his dedication in the area that set him on his journey. Originating in Ohio as the raves were starting to spread across the Midwest from their beginnings in Detroit and Chicago, Kimyon wasted no time in becoming involved in the burgeoning movement both as a DJ and as a promoter. The Brooklyn contemporary artist and techno producer Kimyon is renowned for deep techno tracks. The Juan Atkins collaborator has released tracks on Metroplex and runs the Phonographic parties in BK. With two decades honing his approach, Kimyon Huggins’ resume stretches from the rough beginnings of techno to the present day nearly unbroken. His is a rare combination of perspective, talent, and passion, and as he moves into his brightening future, his experience holds both a thorough vision of the past and the keys to the future.


JM de Frias is the head of the Sequencias label. He has released a few of his own tracks on Sequencias and managed to get one on Levon Vincent's Fabric mix in 2012, but to-date its mostly Sequencias itself and his DJ’ing that has substantiated his music career. De Frias has broad-reaching tastes and a unique ear for his art behind the decks, and trainspotting rarely played classics and obscurities in his sets always makes us smile.

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delano smith

“Without Delano there would be no Derrick” – Derrick May

Born in Chicago and raised on Detroit's West side, Delano Smith represents one of the last of a rare group of Detroit’s first house DJs. Perhaps it was the juvenile absorption of the sights and sounds around him during his first 5 years in the Windy City coupled with his experience during the new DJ craze of his high school years in Detroit that influenced Delano the most or maybe it is simply that enigmatic link between music people in Chicago and Detroit, known to insiders as the I94 Connection. Regardless of the reason for his natural ear for the deep and groovy, Delano can lay claim to a legacy that most Detroit jocks cannot. When performing outside of his native city, Delano's unique sets highlight the fact that his skills were forged in an era before the rigid lines of house and techno genres appeared.

The Good Room has once again outdone themselves with an incredible combination of artists to showcase the best of sounds for the night. Don’t spend your Saturday missing out on one of the best opportunities to hear a legend such as Delano Smith, accompanied by two very talented openers. 

A beautiful start to a good long weekend so grab your tickets here.

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