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Legendary Producer Joachim Garraud Announces Massive Producer Box

Renowned DJ shares 25 years of work with a new album, a complete set of production tools, and tutorials in a limited-edition product
Joachim Garraud producer box

First off, if you don't know who Joachim Garraud is, he's the man who produced massive hits with David Guetta in the mid 2000s. Not a ghost producer; his name is on the credits, but he didn't want to take full credit for a song when a singer was involved. Spanning a career of twenty-five years, he's remixed and composed for the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, David Bowie, Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, Mylène Farmer and has always reinvented himself by pushing the boundaries of the music industry. 

With the upcoming release of his new studio album, Garraud has announced a Producer Box that comes complete with a comprehensive suite of software production tools, complete sessions, tutorials and more. If you are a producer and want to see exactly how this genius works, then this Producer Box is essential! The limited edition collection also contains a keyboard controller and hard drives that contain twenty-five solid years of work and know-how. 

Producer Box will be available from November 27 through December 31, 2015 to pre-order worldwide through the crowd funding website Kickstarter. This is the first time a producer of Garraud's calibre withh give fans an inside look into the production process. Each copy of the Producer Box will be unique and numbered. For more information click Joachim Garraud's wesbite and watch the video below.

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