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Licensed To Ill Tells The Story of The Beastie Boys In A New Musical

The story of the legendary artists will be told in a new musical.
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licensed to ill beastie boys

The Beastie Boys have an interesting and entertaining story. From their early days growing up in New York City, to the formation of their Punk Rock band and finally making the full transition to Hip-Hop, the group has made a lasting impression on the music industry as one of the most successful Hip-Hop groups ever. Now, Mike D, Ad-Rock and MCA will be portrayed in a new musical, Licensed To Ill, that will chronicle their storied career.

"Created with creative support from comedy hip-hop legends Abandonman and the Rubberbandits, and using a mix of live music and DJ-ing, Licensed to Ill travels through time from the hiphoppers of '80s New York to the '90s gangsters of LA - all the way to the total globalisation of hiphop. This loud, crazy show does to music theatre what hiphop did to tracksuits: make them cool."

The show's creators, Simon Maeder and Adam El Hagar, put together this play to represent all sides of the Beastie Boys. The play will touch on their hilarious and creative ethos as well as racial issues that have been found within the rap scene. It's a compelling tale that will shed new light on the groups historical significance within the ever evolving musice industry. The show will be showing at The Camden Theatre from November 23rd through December 12th. Find tickets here.

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