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Dubstep Violinist Lindsey Stirling Among Top Earning Youtube Stars of 2015

She's a self-made woman whom all the major record labels are hungry to sign, but she doesn't need them.
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Lindsey Sterling

If you're looking to start making money with your music on the internet, better get it up on Youtube, fast.

Lindsey Stirling, the dubstep violinist, is cashing in on the video streaming site while others seem to gravitate to Spotify and Soundcloud. Good luck getting paid by those other sites, Stirling cashed in whopping $6 million in 2015 according to Forbes' list of top earning Youtube stars, and she's the only musician.

She began her Youtube career in 2007 when she was rejected by major record labels she decided to upload videos videos of herself. Now she's making millions due to ad revenue, sponsorships, live touring as well as online music sales. She's a self-made woman and it's all thanks to her talent, dedication and, of course, Youtube.

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