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Listen to the New St. German Album, His First in 15 Years

We are calling this album "brilliant" and "a masterpiece" because it truly is. Listen and find.

When news broke out that we would be graced with a new St. Germain album, we couldn't wait to hear some new material. After all, it's been 15 years since the last release from French veteran producer Ludovic Navarre as St. Germain and both of his previous albums are absolute classics in the deep house genre.  

Now his self-titled album is set to be released next week, but coming ahead of that we have been given a full taste. Courtesy of NPR Music, you can stream St. Germain in it's entirety. This is a real treat for all fans of the foundation of dance music and trust us, you won't be disappointed. 

There is definitely a strong influence of jazz in his music, but St. Germain stands alone. He worked with a multitude of African musicians on this new material and traditional Malian instruments like the balafon, kora and n'goni are all present. This is an album you just throw on and listen to from beginning to end, it's truly brilliant and a masterpiece in our eyes.  

Listen to the stream below and get ready for the album to drop on October 9th.

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