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London Rescue Plan 2

A government taskforce has proposed a plan to that Mayor of London that suggests ways to save the nightlife of the city.

It's been quite a year for London's club scene with closures of venues like Plastic People and Crucifix Lane. A group called the Music Venue Taskforce, put together by the Mayor, has put together London's Grassroots Music Venues Rescue Plan in order to uphold "grassroots venues" and suggests the establishment of a Night Mayor who could steady the communication between authorities and venue organizers. 

"The Night Mayor would also review and implement strategies to minimise the risks of nuisance, anti-social behaviour or crime. This person would help to take forward the recommendations in this report and would chair the Music Development Board."

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The rescue plan goes into detail about the current decline in the nightlife scene and how it has hurt London's economy. The club culture is important due to it's exposure talented artists receive and it also was "ultimately generating £2.2 billion in exports and sustaining 111,000 jobs in the UK." Now, there has been a major drop in venues over the past 8 years, from "2007 and 2015, London lost 35% of its grassroots music venues, a decline from 136 spaces programming new artists to just 88 remaining today."

The proposed rescue plan asks for city planning to recognize music venues in their future London Plan. They also want local authorities to "cut excessive licensing requirements, increase audience capacity and simplify their relationship with grassroots music venues." It's a bold plan, but one that will ensure the longevity of a scene that has been on a steady decline in recent years. To read the full proposal, click here.

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