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Audio is taking a ride on the RAM Records train - we trust you're buckled in.  Magnetic is stoked to bring you the exclusive A-side premiere of his double track release - 'Make It Happen'. This tune is angry, it's raw, and it feels like being beaten continuously around the head with a steel pipe. In other words, it's oh so good. 

Londoner Gareth Greenall has been crafting his audio driven artform for 15 odd years, has four albums to his name and for the past five years, has had strong fam connections with Virus (Ed Rush & Optical's label). Now though, RAM has claimed dibs on Audio's special brand of sharp as glass dnb. "Make It Happen" er... makes it happen by sporting an irritable distorted rinse down before absolutely exploding into a frenetic shatter of sound. 

Clench your sweaty mitts on the coffee table for support and go...

Audio is immersed in drum and bass, he is committed - he wears his passion on his knuckles and proves his love through the vehicle of banging tune. Also worth checking out is "Napalm", the B-side to this double release, which RAM describes collectively as 'two sonic slabs of bass bearing down on you.' We can't argue with that. Consider us crushed!

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