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Dub Motion 

Dub Motion, allow me to take a moment to officially put it on the record - this song is a jam. An atmosphere builder, flame kindler, if I may.

The man behind Dub Motion, James Wood, hails from London town and is a fairly mysterious character on the internet. Not so on the DnB scene though. 

Noisia Radio premiered 'Off The Record' over the airwaves a few weeks back and Magnetic knew they had to scoop the track.  The drum snaps scuttle like a crab through your ear canal whilst the sinister undertones reach out to beckon you in, then  bitchslap you back to your knees. In this tune, you are at the mercy of the ever present bass throb. Grab your first listen of the full shebang here:

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Barrelling up after his two-track release ('Warning / Mercury') with Titan Records in May, storms Dub Motion's debut EP, Skyfall. Four killer tracks on there which Beatport is banging out on October 2nd. From the 16th, it's available everywhere else so make sure you wrap your mitts around that!

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