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Magnetic Premiere: Jojo Mayer & NERVE - 'Hard Hat Era'

Jojo Mayer's Percussion is Once Again Masterful in NERVE's 'Hard Hat Era'
Jojo Mayer NERVE

NERVE, the project that evolved out of Jojo Mayer’s legendary party event Prohibited Beatz in NYC, are a group of musicians that strive to bring the motifs of  jazz improvisation and stylistic evolution to the digital age. 

As a world renown drummer Mayer has become an innovator and pioneer in the scene by creating mind-blowing rhythms that are unparalleled. He's a true master with a drum kit and his live performances are remarkable. The easiest way for me to describe Mayer's unique musical output,  jazzy break-beat with drum and bass. With a style all his own, he continues to shine through as one of the finest percussionists in the world. 

It's a pleasure for Magnetic to share with you the premiere of 'Hard Hat Era', the new track from NERVE's 3rd full-length album Ghosts of Tomorrow. There is also a remix contest for their new track 'Triptych' that you can enter here.

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