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Magnetic Premiere: Sevendoors - Otec [Exploited]

Forward Thinking Underground Deepness From SevenDoors

Magnetic Magazine is proud to present you with the exclusive online premiere from the elusive producer known as SevenDoors!

SevenDoors makes his debut on Exploited with another forward thinking quasi-progressive two-tracker that would make us nostalgic for the progressive house of yesteryear. We're not talking about the progressive house as it is known today but more so the progressive associated with Sasha & Digweed, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, etc., 

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For the title track, SevenDoors incorporates the Pink Floyd-ish synthesizer sound he is most well known for from his epic tune that put him on the map, "Movement Of Whale"

For the b-side tune "Megaptera", SevenDoors maintains the dreamy subaqueous feel of "Otec" but he takes it up a notch with a prominent hi-hat that is sure to keep you bouncing. 

"Otec" by SevenDoors will be available for sale exclusively through Beatport on October 26th, 2015

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