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It's anyone's guess who the track 'Do One' is directed at - but I suggest they get over it snappy like - because Stealth is ramping up to go large.

Ali Pearce signed to Andy C's RAM Records exclusively just last year and is depicted as a man "who lives and breathes the dark art of D&B". Say no more, we like him already! 'Do One' starts life as an eerie rattler, before being neatly spliced into fat bass wubs and tight percussion. An atmospheric pilgrimage of tension and release, this track proves that Stealth's debut EP on Program, Alliance, is only just the beginning...

What better platform to unleash this stonking release on than the Ramsterdam 2015 compilation - a 12 track audio entree to the Amsterdam Dance Event which is in essence 2,000+ artists performing at 350 events over 5 days (14th - 18th October). You've not only got the big boys on board here, but the best emerging sounds from up and coming artists and those repping sister label, Program to boot. We're talking brand new cuts from artists like Calyx & TeeBee, Frankee, Bensley, Loadstar, Teddy Killerz and Mind Vortex. All in your hot little hands come the 9th of October.

On Friday the 16th, one week after Ramsterdam's release, the ADE spanks out a RAM line up in the Netherlands that boasts Andy C, Calyx & TeeBee, Rene LaVice, June Miller and Bensley.

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If you fancy a flit to the 'Dam, then go hard! If the budget doesn't quite stretch, then don your apron, whip up a batch of brownies and get cranking Ramsterdam 2015. You will rest safe in our assurance that listening to this compilation is quite simply the next best thing to being there.

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