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On Friday night a man was assaulted at a Zedd concert, which is not very PLUR at all. The event took place at the Bryce Jordan Center in Penn State where a man was allegedly beaten by three unidentified males in the standing section of the show. The man who was attacked was taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center where they reported the assault. 

After a summer of misfortune for dance music events including deaths at Hard Summer, Spring Awakening, Paradiso Festival among others, it's sad news to report that now people are getting jumped at dance events. With the mainstream media now keeping a close watch over dance music culture after the TomorrowWorld fiasco, this is just more bad news piled on the stack we reported this summer.

While we won't speculate as to what caused the altercation to happen, PSU's Collegian thinks the environment might be to blame. They write, "The environment during the concert may have involved mosh pits, but police said they are currently unsure of the situation that led to the assault." A mosh pit for Alex Metric, Dillon Francis and Zedd? This may be the case, but it seems highly unlikely that fans would get that rowdy at an event like this.

(Source: Collegian)
(Photo: Rukes)

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