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Manana Festival, Cuba's First Electronic Music Festival Launches Kickstarter

Dubstep Pioneer Mala Has Already Been Confirmed to Perform
Manana Festival 1

Cuba's rich musical background may soon be on display for the whole world to witness. The Manana Festival, Cuba's first electronic music festival, has already been approved by the Cuban government. The event is scheduled to go down May 4-6, 2016 in Santiago de Cuba, but before the festival can come to fruition organizers have launched a Kickstarter to sell their first batch of tickets. 

Manana Festival banner

"MANANA is a non-profit festival connecting Afro-Cuban Folkloric music with the pioneers of the International Electronic music community."

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Manana Festival 2

Manana has already received support from the Dubstep pioneer Mala, who has stated that he will be performing at the event when it all comes together. Puerto Rican electronic rumba act Grupo ÌFÉ, Tropical DJ's Sofrito, the "Godfather" of Cuban drumming known as Galis, Santiago rumba masters Obba Tuk and the legendary Compañía Ballet Folclórico de Oriente all have also been confirmed to perform. 

The festival has already raised over $14,000 toward their $60,716 goal with still 30 days left to go. Watch the video below to get a snapshot of Cuban music and donate/purchase tickets at the Manana Festival Kickstarter

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