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Marshmello and Skrillex Collaboration Is Coming

Skrillex has collaborated with a variety of artists, but his Marshmello collab is highly anticipated
Marshmello HArd day of the dead

Skrillex is probably one of the most versatile producers in the game. He's a chameleon when it comes to working with a diverse range of producers from various genres and coming up with a quality production each time. Just think about his solo work along with his highly popular collaborations with Diplo as Jack U as well as his mainstream success with their track for Justin Bieber. He's a chameleon I tell you!

We recently got word of yet another intriguing partnership with the mysterious producer Marshmello, the seemingly anonymous artist who dons a giant marshmallow head. Both producers are stoked to work together and Marshmello is taking advantage of this massive opportunity. 

marshemello skrillex

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The new project will no doubt be something artistically original as both of these artists tend to push the boundaries a bit. We'll have to wait and hear it to find out, but fans are already itching to get a taste. We'll keep you posted.

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