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Martin Buttrich Launches His Own Record Label Rhythm Assault With a New Release

Rhythm Assault Features a Steady Strean of Releases, The First Being His Collaborator Project
Rhythm Assault

Fresh off of working on Loco Dice’s Underground Sound Suicide LP, Martin Buttrich is set to open up a new chapter of his career. He already has his hand in one label, Desolat, which he formed in 2007 with fellow producer Loco Dice. Now German producer has launched his very own imprint with one goal in mind, to release music free of label restrictions.

This project is intended to be an outlet for impulsive releases of his own music, free from the constraints of rigorously organized and planned imprints.

The label’s first project will be called Collaborator. It's a two volume project that will see Martin release a continuous flow of collaborations with the likes of Carl Craig, Guti, DJ Tennis, Loco Dice, Timo Maas, The Martinez Brothers and Guy Gerber just to name a few. Today he's shared the first glimpse of those collaborations with Synchronicity, a track co-produced with Mathew Jonson.

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“I was never someone who would get told what to do in the studio. I like it more like a creative process. Really having hands on the song was most important. I haven’t really ever just engineered other artists, apart from maybe here and there for one song. I would say it’s co-writing, co-producing. I have requests where people would ask me, 'can you mix my album?' and I’m absolutely not interested in that. Even for my own productions now, I’m thinking about getting a mixing engineer. For me, mixing is pretty much one of the worst jobs!”

The first Collaboration titled 'Synchronicity', with Mathew Jonson, is due out October 16th via Rhythm Assault. Listen below.

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