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Maya Jane Coles Uploads Nocturnal Sunshine Track 'It's Alright'

Her debut Nocturnal Sunshine album was released earlier this year, but she just uploaded a song from the album that might be her most dubby track yet
Nocturnal Sunshine is Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles built up her reputation for deep Tech House due to here stand out releases and captivating DJ sets. Over the years she has had quality releases on such iconic labels as Hypercolour, 20:20 Vision, Mobilee as well as her own label I/AM/ME

Recently Maya Jane Coles has launched a new project called Nocturnal Sunshine that sees her focusing on the more dubby side of electronic music. These productions still possess that distinct MJC flavor but with a new found rhythm that her fans from the past might not be accustomed to. She recently shared a track from her 2015 debut Nocturnal Sunshine album that may be her most dub influenced track yet. Listen to 'It's Alright' below and purchase her Nocturnal Sunshine self-titled album here.

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