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MDMA-Psychotherapy Could Be Legal In The Next 5 Years

The drug would be used to treat anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorders
MDMA molecule

In an interview, Rick Doblin, executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies revealed that psychotherapy with MDMA could be legal sooner than you think.

"We’re finding that it works, but we’re also not totally surprised."

It's been widely discussed that MDMA could possibly have some beneficial properties if taken in small and moderate doses. If the FDA approves, the drug, when combined with the right therapies, would be used by treat those suffering from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders. Doblin says the FDA could approve this kind of treatment as early as 2021.

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"We're on track for MDMA to be approved by the FDA by 2021. We are in a pretty good place for reaching this goal." 

To be clear, Doblin emphasizes that the treatment is not the drug by itself. He states, "it’s not just the MDMA by itself. This provides a lot of extra support and safety through the whole process." Meaning the therapy could be taxing on the mind and a small dose of MDMA would ease the process of dealing with the mental issues. 

"The way it’s been presented is that you take a single dose and you’ll have major brain damage and significant consequences. We haven’t found that in clinical settings at all, and I think it’s been exaggerated in other contexts."

Last week Magnetic published the findings of a research study that concluded that high doses of MDMA causes an increased level of stress. The key with that study were the "high doses" that the participants were taking. In a medical setting, it's all about finding the proper dose that doesn't have negative effects. Just like swallowing a whole bottle of a simple pain killer is dangerous, so is taking a whole gram of MDMA, but medical professionals are finding that small doses can be beneficial for those who suffer from mental illness. We'll have to wait to hear back once more tests have been concluded, but Doblin certainly seems confident. 

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