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Move D has had enough of the Facebook promotion business model. He took to the social media platform to discuss the interesting concept of why Facebook's paid promotion feature is unethical. 

dear facebook,
no, i will never consider paying 4€ to promote my page.

i don't believe in bought likes nor mass invitations.
nevertheless, you are making millions, if not billions on ads that people are buying because WE deliver content that's worthwhile and thereby create all this traffic and income for you.

The first point he makes is critical in his argument. Facebook is experiencing an increased revenue stream due to the multitude of advertisements you will find on the site. The content on the site is generated by users who then have to pay for their content to reach a certain amount of people. This seems backwards, right? The only way Facebook would have the content that draws users to the site is to have users on the site to begin with. 

in return, i would totally expect that all people who are following a cartain artist / page, would see those updates on their news stream - and not only a small fraction of followers, as it is in reality...and what's the point in following an artists, if you don't even automatically see their news, but unwanted random ads instead?

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Many artists are experiencing a similar backlash to Facebook's promotion policy. Fans are following an artist so they can be updated by said artist. In a sense it's free promotion, but nothing is free in this world. The argument still remains, Facebook makes millions, if not billions, on advertisements alone, so why should users who generate content have to pay as well? If you are following an artist, don't you expect to see when they post?

looking at this from my perspective makes your slogan "for free and always will be" sound like a lie and people will feel that and look for alternatives...

rant over

Move D brings up some interesting points that Facebook should think about. But Facebook won't even see the post, because Move D didn't pay to have it reach his followers. So it's just lost in the mix of saturated content that users provide. Luckily, Magnetic is on the case and always will be.

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