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Officials Warn the Public of Super-Strong 'ADE' Ecstasy Pills

The pill has the 'ADE' logo but is not affiliated with the dance music event. Trimbos has issued a nationwide alert.
ade pill full

The Dutch health institute of Trimbos has issued a public warning for 'ADE' ecstasy pills that are extremely dangerous. 

Pills with the logo of the Amsterdam Dance Event festival are currently circulating in Holland. The pill is dangerous due to the dosage of each pill which ranges from 125 mg to 300 mg. This means the user doesn't know how much they are taking and high doses of the drug can be a serious health risk. 

Trimbos has issued a 'red alert' with the full support from the Amsterdam Dance Event, who have stated they are not affiliated with the pill.

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"We support the Red Alert of The Trimbos. We are shocked by this pill with our logo that might endanger the health of people. We are talking to the experts continuously and support them wherever we can. We don't have to emphasize that we are not involved in producing this pill. We say no to drugs, especially since the health of people is at stake."

The drug has been found throughout the country of Holland and Trimbos has issues a nationwide alert. View their official warning below.

ade pill

(source: Mixmag)

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