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Oneman Is The Latest To Fall Victim to the Soundcloud Purge

Soundcloud deletes Oneman's mixes, so he uploads them to his Mixcloud. All is not lost.

Soundcloud continues to purge their site for mixes that supposedly violate copyright laws. Just last week Jackmaster had his mixes deleted from the site and he uploaded them all in a massive free download bundle. Now Oneman has fallen victim as well, but all is not lost. In order to keep these mixes alive, he's decided to upload all of them to his Mixcloud.

These mixes give a snapshot into a moment in time for the artists. It's a way to reflect on past feelings and memorable experiences for both the DJ and the listener. The mixes include the Oneman b2b Jamie XX Boiler Room mix, his Diplo & Friends mix, LuckyMe Mixtape, Sonar Festival mix as well as a number of Rinse FM sets. 

Check out Oneman's Mixcloud for the complete collection of mixes and listen to our favorite, the eclectic selection for his Boiler Room set below.

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Oneman will also be on tour in North American this November. Check tour dates below.

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