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Oona Dahl and Robot Heart Share Her Set From Burning Man

Deep and Hypnotic House Music
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Oona Dahl has quickly become one of the most sought after deep house DJs to experience. With a release on the All Day I Dream record label as well as a standout set at the All Day I Dream of Summertime Blue event in Brooklyn, she has managed to captivate thousands with her mesmerizing blend of smooth and deep house music. Her set at the Robot Heart camp at Burning Man was a thing of beauty and luckily it's been uploaded for everyone to enjoy. Here is what she had to say about her experience:

"Its Friday night and we set sail on our bikes to find Robot Heart deep Playa. Once we arrived we landed on the bus with a view of the moon just peaking over the horizon. Slowly it starts to rise and it gets bigger with every step up, reaching for the sky. Blood orange, some of us were confused, was this the moon? This was the biggest I'd ever seen her and as soon as I saw this magnificent sight, something came over me…. just let myself go. This may be, the Soul of the World."

Listen to Oona Dahl's Burning Man set below and feel the vibe she felt on that special night.

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