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Pioneer RMX-1000 for iPad at Huge Discount

Pioneer releases the iPad app version of the RMX-1000 effect manipulator

Every professional DJ knows about the RMX-1000 and how useful it can be both in the studio and for DJ performances. Every major club and festival around the world has one set up with their CDJs and DJM, because it is one of the most impressive tools for effecting your music with the touch of a finger. Now Pioneer has decided to release the RMX-1000 as an iPad app, not at the $799 price tag of the hardware, but only $9.99 

The RMX-100 for iPad is a powerful FX manipulator for tracks in the iTunes library. This app also allows you to link it to the Audiobus app and Inter-App Audio, which allows you to add FX to music you've made on your iPad. The RMX-1000 app emulates the hardware to deliver touchscreen control of Scene FX, Isolate FX, X-PAD FX and Release FX. Just like the RMX-1000, the app lets producers customize the parameters of the FX to create their own unique sound. 

Grab your copy of the app today from the app store: apple/rmx-1000

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