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Razer Computers Cuts Carnage From The Squad

Carnage's cracked software misstep gets worse
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We released a story last week linking DJ Carnage to a cracked version of Sylenth software that was being used on the Razer computer in his 808 themed tutorial video for Razer's new music initiative, Razer Music. 

Razer has tapped other production heavyweights such as deadmau5, Dyro and Feed Me to lead their new music initiative showcasing the Razer Blade as a top shelf music production laptop. 

As the controversy continued to brew online in Twitter exchanges between Carnage and Lennar Digital (creators of Sylenth), Carnage also known as Diamante Blackmon denied the allegation and stated that the computer was not his. 

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Lennar Digital seems to be taking this seriously, and so does Razer Computers who have since severed ties with Blackmon removing all of his images and branding from their Razer Music portal.

We will keep you up to date on any further developments.

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