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Razer Music Is Here! Production Tips And Tutorials From EDM's Top Producers

Are you a music producer using a PC? You NEED to check this out!
New Razer Image no carnage

This program has been under wraps for quite sometime but it's finally here. If you are not familiar with Razer you should definitely get acquainted with this company because they are making some of the dopest gaming/production PCs out there at the moment along with some solid headphones and even a mic. 

Razer Music is the company's new music initiative that is essentially a content portal that taps into some of the most brilliant minds in EDM and Hip Hop. If you are using FL Studio you are literally going to be in heaven with all the tips and tutorials that are coming your way. You can check out Razer Music HERE. 

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We will be keeping a close eye on this project and posting updates regularly. Stay TUNED! Promo video below.

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