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Richie Hawtin's Label Plus 8 Records Releases Mystery Vinyl

"Unknown Artist: Plus 8 25/1" features quality acid-techno and DJ tools
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Plus 8 Records, the label run by Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva, has just released a new record from a mysterious unknown artist.

The surprise release has fans and critics alike speculating as to who it might be who produced the tracks, some going as far as to say it's Richie Hawtin himself. The three-track record includes the resounding acid-techno oriented 'No Way Back', the echoing percussive 'Stretching' and finishing off with the minimal DJ tool 'Simple Simon'. 

It's anybody's guess as to who produced this vinyl but it's safe to say they are all quality dance tracks that could make their way into any skilled DJ set. Listen to the release on Hardwax where you can also purchase the vinyl.

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