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International Software Company Serato Launches New Free Music App in New Zealand

International software company Serato launches new free music app Pyro for free in New Zealand before the rest of the world.
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A.J. Bertenshaw, co-founder of music technology company Serato, has developed a new app that takes the hassle out of curating playlists. Pyro is a music curation app that constructs personal playlists based off of a few suggestions to truly keep any listening party going. If you have ever been hosting friends and needed to play music, you understand how annoying and tedious it can be to make your own playlist or constantly change the songs one-by-one; Bertenshaw had this same issue. 

serato app 3 founder

A.J. Bertenshaw, co-founder of Serato

"The inspiration for Pyro was being really frustrated by going to play music from my phone when I've got friends around. If you like good music played continuously, then the existing way of setting up a playlist for an evening with your friends or a house party is actually kind of frustrating. Pyro was born out of a desire to have a player that I could use in those situations, where I could choose a few songs, and then just let the player take care of the whole evening."

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How does it work?

Pyro connects to all of the music you have in iTunes and allows you to create playlists, with as many or as few songs as you like. Pyro will then continue to add songs to the playlist based off of the ones you have already chosen. It will also beat-match the songs like a real DJ would to create seamless transitions from one song to another, leaving no room for awkward silence. You can sort tracks in any order that you want and quickly switch those orders or even skip into different parts of a song, and Pyro will keep the song on beat, making skipping to your favorite part of a song simple and easy. 

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Pyro can be used on any apple device

"When you shuffle music on a normal music player, it puts it in a completely random order, but with Pyro, when you hit the button, it doesn't shuffle the songs randomly, it puts the songs in an order so that the tempos are compatible. It maintains variation so the tempos are still going up and down, but it tries to make them as compatible as possible."

The music app launches exclusively in New Zealand for free today so anyone in the country can just hop on the app-store and grab it. Hosting parties just became a whole lot easier. Happy listening. 

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