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This year, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will be hosting a special edition of the DJ Cook-Off when Seth Troxler takes to the kitchen to cook a three-course meal at a homeless shelter. He's a big advocate for positive change in society and he expressed this feeling in an interview with ADE.

“When we want change in the future, we need to be the catalyst of change. Not the government, but the private people wanting to change what they want in their lives. So many people are ok with us going towards this dystopian future instead of trying to strive to become a utopian society.”

A collaborative event from ADE, the 10,000 hours foundation and De Regenboog Groep will expand the DJ Cook-Off for a more noble cause. Previous DJ Cook-Off's have been an event where famous DJs were challenged to cook for ADE delegates. Now they have realized that this event can do some positive things for the city. 

In the past, Seth Troxler has won the DJ Cook-Off 3 years in a row and he owns the Smokey Tails restaurant in London. He will also be joined by DJ Makam and Radio Noet-Noet to help out at the walk-in shelter De Kloof. 

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The event will be held on Wednesday October 14th.

(source: ADE)

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