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Soundcloud sad cloud

Over the past several months, Soundcloud has been on a rampage, deleting loads of mixes and tracks that supposedly infringe on copyright laws. Jackmaster is one such artist that has fallen victim to this musical purge with the site removing a large portion of his uploads. But fortunately for music lovers everywhere, he's found a way to get them back to our barren eardrums. In a post on Facebook he writes:

"Soundcloud recently removed all of your favourite Jackmaster mixes from the internets. The Tweak-A-Holic's, the Mastermixes and even my beloved Essential mix. It's a travesty... a crime against music! House parties across the land have been left in disarray as a result, and this can not continue. So here's everything you need all in the one zip. Party on troops, for your weekend is saved."

To get your hands on some of Jackmaster's best and most noteworthy DJ sets, click here.

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