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Stacey Pullen Takes On Balance 028 and Announces World Tour

His Distinct Musical Output Shine Through on Balance 028
stacey Pullen press photo

Stacey Pullen is part of the second wave of Detroit artists who further pioneered the distinct brand of techno emanating from the city in the '90s. At first he gained notoriety working with Chez Damier and Kevin Saunderson, but would stamp his place in history with his own blend of dance music, finding a balance between House and Techno. He is now recognized as a pivotal player representing the Detroit sound and his critically acclaimed catalogue proves this. Now he's been tapped to be the featured artist for Balance o28 and he's taking advantage of this opportunity to showcase something truly unique.

“Growing up in Detroit, we had a history of DJs who had radio shows – whether it was a mix or a show that showcased new music,” he recalls of his foundations in the art of the mixtape. “My approach for my Balance mix was to compile music that I don't get a chance to play when I'm on the road, but that’s still good music. I also wanted to give the listener a breath of fresh air and play some eclectic melodic tunes, because I love a good melody.”

When asked about what inspired this mix, he doesn't thing twice. “That's an easy answer: my daughter. Everything flows when you're in love,” says Pullen. We surely can feel the love in his musical output that's for sure. Listen to the preview below to get an idea of this man's uncommon ability to share something completely fresh while still paying homage to the classics.

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Balance 028 Mixed By Stacey Pullen will be release on November 6th in Europe and November 13th in North America.

Balance 028 Mixed by Stacey Pullen Track List:
1. rEJEKTS - Strung Out In Reno (Marc Ashken Remix)
2. Leman & Dieckmann - Stomp (Original Mix)
3. Folic State - Another (NoGo) Zone (Gurwan Remix)
4. DJ Hightech & IZT - Fearless (RaySoo Dxb Mix)
5. Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space (The Revenge Rework 1)
6. Miss Mee - Lets Walking Down (Dub Version)
7. Roi Okev - Run Giorgio Run
8. Cid Inc. - Response
9. rEJEKTS - Skinnfog (Original Mix)
10. Digitaria - Little Boy
11. Sobek - Ubomi (Original Mix)
12. Toby Dreher feat. Dirty Paul - A Try (Autotune Remix)
13. Huxley - I Want You (Deetron Remix)

1. Anderson Noise - UFO
2. Stacey Pullen - Save Ourselves***
3. Stacey Pullen - I’m Coming***
4. Peter Gibney - Fine Lines
5. Kevin Saunderson as E-Dancer - Foundation (Original Mix)
6. Kevin Over - 2002
7. Hoito - Modern Kush
8. Alex B - Discordant (Original Mix)
9. Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez - Disco Remodel
10. Jad & The Ladyboy - Be My Friend (Original Mix)
11. Oscar P - Reactions Of You (Original Mix)
12. Osunlade - Schavanna
13. Roscius - The Royal Albert Hall (Jona Sul Remix)
14. Tom Ellis - Off On A Tangent (Original Mix)
15. Fake Blood - Music Box (Original Mix)

Stacey Pullen Tour Dates
October 7 Lima, Peru @ La Triba at Club Mia
October 8 Quito, Ecuador @ Blues
October 11 Punta del Este, Uruguay @ La Terraza
October 15 Santiago, Chile @ La Feria
October 16 Cordoba, Argentina @ Dorian Gray
October 17 Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Bahrein
October 23 Mexico City, Mexico @ Tara Club
October 31 Torino, Italy @ Movement Torino
November 6 Detroit, MI @ Populux - Detroit Love
November 7 London, UK @ Fire - Saved 10th Birthday
November 13 Cape Town, South Africa @ Era
November 14 Johannesburg, South Africa @ And Club
November 18 San Juan, Puerto Rico @ Escabron Beach Club - Movement Getaway
November 20 Miami, FL @ Trade
November 21 Brooklyn, NY @ Verboten
November 27 Glasgow, Scotland @ SWG3 Warehouse - Detroit Love
November 28 Bucharest, Romania @ Lost In Space Festival

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