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Katt Williams and Suge Knight Issue Not Guilty Plea for Robbery Charges

Suge Knight and Katt Williams were in court Tuesday to address charges dealing with a photographer's stolen camera
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Suge Knight

Suge Knight in court (photo by Kevork Djansezian)

It's been over a year since the incident involving Katt Williams and Suge Knight took place with the facts still up in the air. The comedian and hip-hop mogul respectively, showed up in court on Tuesday to plead not guilty to the charges. The two are being accused of taking a camera from a photographer named Leslie Redden. 

The attorney for Knight, Thomas Mesereau, states that his client did not want the photographer to take photos of his son and that is what sparked the issue. “The only evidence that exists is he didn’t want his son photographed,” Mesereau said. “Any father would have acted as he did.” 

The evidence of the altercation is a video taken by a camera that was hanging from Redden's neck. The video shows that there was an altercation between her and Knight, but the video does not show the fight over a camera.

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Suge Knight is currently still in jail with a bail set at $10 million for a separate murder case that happened in January where Knight drove over 2 men in a gas station, killing one of the men. There is also video of him committing this crime, but Knight has also pleaded not guilty in that case as he awaits his trial behind bars. The former Death Row boss currently has an uphill battle to get out of a life sentence.

[via: Billboard]

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