Sunil Sharpe Goes Through a Giant Stack of Techno Records

The Quarterly Crate (Q3)
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the quarterly crate

Sunil Sharpe is a techno DJ from Ireland who has become a guiding voice when looking for some great new techno records. His videos called The Quarterly Crate feature Sunil basically going through a massive stack of vinyl and talking about each one. He has a lot of interesting stories about the scene and loads of knowledge about new music that's being released, which makes his videos a great reference. If you're looking to purchase some new wax, his videos are a great place to start. 

He recently shared his vinyl roundup for quarter 3 of 2015 that features standout releases from labels like Berceuse Heroique, The Bunker New York and L.I.E.S as well as tracks by Randomer, Paling Trax, Miss Kitten and Inigo Kennedy. Check out the video to hear some of the best in today's techno music.

Below you will also find a complete list of records featured in the video.

The Quarterly Crate with Sunil Sharpe records in order of appearance: Pablo Mateo, SCSI-9, Idealist, JPLS, Mark Verbos, A Sagittariun, In Aeternam Vale, Blush Response, Randomer, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Antigone, xerophkz, Martyn, R-Zone, The Fear Ratio, Trackman, Umwelt, DMX Krew, The Exaltics, ERP, Ultradyne, Gosub, Objekt, Dopplereffekt, Moerbeck, Yuuki Sakai, Fanon Flowers, Anderson Wings, Randomer & Cadans, MSLWTE, Steve Stoll, Plukkk, Andreas Gehm, Phase Fatale, DJ HMC, Giorgio Gigli & Fabrizio Lapiano, NX1, Error Etica, ROD, Emmanuel, Dustin Zahn, Steffi, Further Reductions, Answer Code Request, Myztical, Paul Birken, Kessel, DJ Haus, Shan, Binny, Tom Dicicco, TX Connect, Hermans, Mr. Ho, October, Borai, Dolgener, AnD, Manni Dee, stranger, Lenson, Logotech, Hiroaki Iizuka, Remco Beekwilder, Drax, Marieu & Mannella, Cristian Vogel, Tension, Sev Dah, Johanna Knuttson, Hans Berg, Vernon Felicity, Quince, Dexter, Kamikaze Space Programme, Floorplan, Minimum Syndicat, Bas Mooy, Cardopusher, JoeFarr & Martyn Hare, Bleaching Agent, Perc, Ged Lever, Jeff Mills, Kastil, David Meiser, Kereni, Jake Conlon, Delta Funktionen, Elektrabel, Josh Larue, Luis Ruiz, Migueru Anheru, TWR72, Gesloten Cirkel, Samuli Kemppi, Markus Suckut, A001, Hector Oaks, Radial, Patrik Skoog, Chain, The Hacker & Miss Kittin, Hector Oaks, Invite, Developer, Kwartz, Myk Derill, Inigo Kennedy, Regis, Kangding Ray, Efdemin, Dasha Rush, Paul Johnson, Geeman, Alden Tyrell, Happa, Ekman, JC, Setoac Mass, Leibiz, Credit 00, Marco Bernardi, Moeller/Marcelus, Oliver Rosemann, dualit, Luis Ruiz, Steve O'Sullivan, Voitax, J. Tijn, Mr Jones, Jon Convex x DeFeKT, Strange Audio Dreams, Dyad, Kwartz, Alex Cortex, Perseus Traxx, Florian Kupfer, Come/Coldgeist, Jesper Dahlback, Tony Rohr, Moebius/Plank/Neumeier, Richard Fearless, Dynamo Dreesen, SVN, A Made Up Sound, Head Front Panel, AFX, Idealist Music, Delft, The Bunker New York, Elastic Dreams, Linda, Aufnahme & Wiedergabe, L.I.E.S., Sacred Summit, xerophyx, Token, Dolly, R-Zone, Skam, Infrastructure, New Flesh, Zodiac 44, SolarOneMusic, Overdraw, Clone Basement Series, Orbis Records, Sombra, Super Rhythm Trax, Reflector, Reclaim Your City, Klockworks, ARTS, Enemy Records, Ostgut Ton, Nicz, Granulart, Hot Haus Recs, Running Back, Monnom Black, Run Out Run, Dolenger, Paling Trax, Self Reflektion, Perspectiv, Perc Trax Ltd, Picnic34, Tension, Random Island, Clone Store Only Series, Dek, Mindcut, M Plant, Rave Or Die, Mord, Boysnoize Records, Leyla Records, Overlee Assembly, Blank Recordings, Axis, Music Is Love Records, Schrodinger's Box, Dubtek, Radio Matrix, Trabet, Float, Murder Capital, Key Vinyl, Invite's Choice, Sample & Hold, AFU Ltd, Dark Entries, Lab.our Music, Chiwax, Aus, PT5, Berceuse Heroique, JC, Work Them Records, Rat Life, Earwiggle, Brokntoys, Singular, Ostcode Exile, Sushitech, Voitax, Bedouin Records, Naked Naked, The Public Stand, Convex Industries, Art Aud, Dyad, Barba, Ritual Process, Blank, Bureau B, Acido Records, Head Front Panel, Warp.

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