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The Crystal Method Release Statement Addressing Russia Using Their Music in Syria Drone Video

The use of music by The Crystal Method in this case is not authorized
The Crystal Method

Recently a video has surfaced that was produced by the Kremlin in Russia and uses the track 'High Roller' by The Crytsal Method. The video shows shocking drone footage of Russian forces infiltrating Syria and unleashing mass violence with tanks and missiles. The Crystal Method have since issued a statement condemning the video and their distaste for using violence to solve a conflict.

The statement reads:

"It has come to our attention over the last 24 hours that the Kremlin via Russian state broadcaster VGTRK have used our song 'High Roller' as the soundtrack to some shocking drone footage from Syria. The use of our music in this context is in no way authorized and The Crystal Method do not condone the use of violence for the resolution of any conflict. Our hearts go out to the people of Syria affectedby this terrible war and their friends and families."

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Watch the video via CNN.

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