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Three-Year-Old DJ Smashes South Africa's Got Talent

DJ Arch Jnr Takes on South Africa's Got Talent
DJ Arch Jnr

DJ Arch Jnr

Earlier this year we viewed a youtube video of a youngster behind a pair of decks and mixer, showing us how a proper DJ can work. 

Although he's only just turned three, DJ Arch Jnr knows how to drop a beat and he's ready to take his talents to the big show. The South Africa's Got Talent judges loved his performance so much they pushed him on to the semi-finals.

Black Coffee holds the crown as South Africa's most talented DJ, but it looks like DJ Arch Jnr has his sights on the throne. Although he's not mixing or really doing much, he's got a knack for using those effects and a crossfader which got the crowd to their feet. Watch the interview and performance below.

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