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TomorrowWorld Is Issuing Full Refunds, Even If You Attended Each Day

UPDATE: TomorrowWorld made a huge mistake and is now taking back the 3 day refund
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UPDATE: TomorrowWorld takes back the original 3 day refund.

TomorrowWorld mistake refund

TomorrowWorld can't seem to get anything right this year. It is now being reported that the 3-day refund that was originally issued was a mistake (obviously), so they are now taking your money once again and issuing the proper 1/3 refund. This festival is one of the most unorganized festivals that we have seen in recent history and it will be interesting to see what other ways they can screw up. It's been almost a month since the event and negativity continues to circulate. 

photo: EDMPocahontas/twitter

photo: EDMPocahontas/twitter

Have you ever gone to a festival and have it be total crap and then once you express your distaste for the event, the festival gives you your money back? It's like going to a restaurant, eating the full meal, leaving and then getting your money back because you told them the food made your tummy feel bad hours later. 

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photo: EDMPocahontas/twitter

This seems to be happening regarding the recent TomorrowWorld fiasco. Patrons who attended the festival are getting full refunds even if they were in attendance the whole time. Some may have thought the refunds would come to those who perhaps missed the last day, but it looks like if you were there and didn't have a good time, you can receive a full refund.

In the TomorrowWorld Facebook group many have been sharing that they have received full refunds for their tickets. One user, Riyaz, even stated that he attended each day of the festival and still received a full refund.

tomorrowworld refund 1

Since the TomorrowWorld scenario included many instances where patrons who were leaving the festival were given misinformation about where to obtain transportation, which led to many having to walk for miles in the dark through the woods, we can understand how those who attended could still be eligible for a refund. If you were there and have not asked for a refund yet, we suggest contacting your ticket provider and getting a return on your investment.

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