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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 10.02.15 Chart

Quality DnB from Ed Rush & Optical plus Viper Recordings, Metalheadz, Symmetry Recordings, Audioporn and more.
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Amen Obama son! Yes there are definitely occasions where you must drink until things improve audibly, but luckily (or unluckily rather - it is Friday!) there should be no need to get wonky whilst soaking in the sweet sounds below. Mainly because it is drum and bass and that after all, is the main criteria for a killer audio checklist. I promise you, no - I guarantee you - that the bevvy of tunes below will not disappoint. If they do, then I apologise and give you permission to go get your nay-nay on to a T Swift album in another section of the web. We'll wait patiently here for your return...

Last week's riddims....

“Keep On Running”
Champion ft. Jumae

A very misleading start but hang about, stick with it. This channels the tropo house vibes that I've been digging recently and then gives way to the dnb that you all came for.

“This Misery”
Fre4knc ft. Mongoose
Critical Music

It is now out online - excellent. A dark roller worth waiting every minute for. 

"Angry Birdz"
Ed Rush & Optical

These birds are angrier than your Great Aunt Agnes the morning after a jug of sherry. Fear the tune!

Symmetry Recordings

This is just a clip at the moment but if that drumming is anything to judge by, the whole deal is gonna be fire.

“Your Minds Eye”
Serial Killaz

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HUGE tune! Jump's up (gedddit?) and hits you upside the face. The 'Get Your Freak On' sample in the middle is the business as well.

“Just One Look”
Enei ft. Charlie Brix
Critical Music

This is the first single to be taken from forthcoming LP, ‘Rituals’, and is due out on Critical early December. 

FATE Recordings

Tune! When this lad's Facebook following hits the 15k mark, Chris.Su is generously unleashing a massive remix for free download. Not far to go and free = good. 
Like it here.

InsideInfo & Mefjus
Viper Recordings

Fish & chips, Macualy Culkin & being home alone...some pairings just work together. InsideInfo & Mefus is one of them.

Ekko & Sidetrack
Viper Recordings

An Australian duo's sharp debut on Viper here...keep your peepers peeled for more goodness harking from the land down under in the near future!

“Pass The Buck”
Artifical Intelligence ft. DRS

DRS is fantastic. I love him. I re-confess this about once a month while everyone rolls their eyes. This murky tune loves him too though, and swims along in tandem with his brilliant lyricism. 

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