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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 10.05.15

Featuring Tracks by Dub FX, Break, Machine Code, Sigma, Koncept and more
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The DnBArena Awards are coming up! This is an exciting and anticipation laden time for the DnB camp (imagine if that was an actual thing - suck that Camp America!). Please vote for your favourites in each category as the entire thing is done via the hands of the fans and it really is the most epic night for those involved. They deserve their props so definitely push and shove your way over to the site and make your vote matter!  Spread the love like slippery marg on a baguette! Or something. Just vote.

drum and bass arena awards

Vote for the Drum & Bass Arena Awards

Listen to last weeks Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks.

"Heavy Cruiser"
Teddy Killerz
RAM Records

Grizzly tune after tune after tune from these soft toy murdering bad boys! 

RAM Records

More bite than a T-Rex! J-park references in this had me sold. 'Raptor' is just the beginning of a stream of new cuts from RAM's new compilation in celebration of ADE - RAMsterdam. 

Break ft. Xtrah
Symmetry Recordings

Break's 'Simpler Times' album is absolutely scorching up the Beatport Top 100 chart with 10 out of the 12 tracks representing. Ridiculous riddims.

Machine Code ft. CZA
C4C Recordings

An audio heart attack. Mmm my favourite kind.

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"In The Area"
Krakota ft. Lifford
Med School

Take a deep breath and a chill after that last tune...this is a Med School tune through and through. Just the right touch of roll and energy.

"Run (Numa Crew & Bonnot Remix)"
Dub FX ft. Eva Lazarus
Jungle Heritage Recordings

Island vibes and jungle for days - no running from the talent on display here.

"Phase Us"
London Elektricity ft. Emer Dineen
Hospital Records

A few tracks are finally starting to emerge blinking into the sun from London Elek's forthcoming can bet there's a significant amount of anticipation brewing for the proper release.

Loves Got Me High (Koncept Remix)
MTA Records

Koncept's name is Fred Webb. There is literally no more information on the internet but I doubt that'll be the case for long after this release...

"Redemption (Sigma VIP)"
Sigma & Diztortion

I would like to take this opportunity to compare the Sigma camps take on this Disztortion track to a plate full of jerk chicken. Full of flavour with a little bit of Reggae Reggae sauce keeping it spicy. 

"I Saw The Face Of The Person"
Med School

Signed exclusively to Med School and practicing the art for 12 years, this panic inducing drum and bass is courtesy of Royalston, the Sydney-sider.

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