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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 10.23.15


No time to say much except - have you seen that line up for RAM's New Years at Brixton Academy. Ridiculous. Don't think I've lusted this hard in ages...

Wilkinson DJ set feat MC AD-APT
Camo & Krooked
Calyx & Teebee
Rene La Vice
Loadstar B2B Culture Shock
+ very special guest Roni Size

And that's just the first phase. Good grief. It's enough to almost make me wish I wasn't jetting home to sunny NZ for Christmas... almost.

Listen to last weeks Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks.

"Get This Right" - Koven
Viper Recordings

Every Koven track is intrinsically beautiful. This ain't the exception.

"Apathy" - Delta Heavy
RAM Records

Would have given anything to have been amongst the furor of the ADE last weekend but in lieu of that, I shall be consoling myself with this Delta Unheavy from the Ramsterdam compile... *this blog not brought to you by RAM - I swear!!

"Aftermath (VIP Mix)" - Bensley
RAM Records

Canadian Bensley big upping for the US dnb scene with this snazzy VIP.

"Jailbreak" - L Plus
Technique Recordings

Get bendin yo' bars to this bad mother sucker.

"Hypercube" - The Prototypes
Viper Recordings

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Not ones to muck around! Debut LP 'City of Gold' is still reverberating over the club speakers yet 'Hypercube' is getting dished up already. Ready to be fed to the masses of hungry drum and bass fiends. Angry little beasties.

"Sunshine (Nu:Tone Remix)" - TIEKS

It is what it says on the tin and this is pure summer vibes. Everything Nu:Tone touches transforms into liquid gold.

"Broken Notes" - Calyx & TeeBee
RAM Records

Haunting roller seeks hearty ripper for soaring emotional feels and dancefloor good times...

"Be Right Here" - Boyan & Boyer feat. Mission Zero 
Formation Records

Coming in hot on a recomendation and a sound one at that! Pass the love on...

"Driveyard" - Pythius ft Kryptomedic
Blackout Music NL

Classic Blackout tune! Scary as shit, going hard and doing that swizzly bass sound thing that I can't put a professional name to no matter how many stabs I take at it. Dig that shit bigtime.

"Change Your Life" - Ownglow
Pilot Records

Ownglow is a dude. You can read about what a dude he is here. OR, just take a listen and save yourself the effort... talent immediately obvious.

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