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Hey there party people, it's time to party with Magnetic's Top Indie Dance tracks! We've got a masked man, a few dynamic duos, and nothing but fresh hotness for the dancefloors the world over! 

"The Only Thing" Claptone [Different Recordings]

The golden masked character that is Claptone is poised to unleash his album upon the world finally, it's been quite a wait! I can't take my mind off this track. It reaches out, pulls you in, and never lets you go from its  magical embrace.

"Coming Home" Portecho [NDYD Records]

There is an Echo & the Bunnymen quality to this song from Portecho. I think it would be a perfect way late addition to the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Get ready to shoegaze and sway, but with a little groove in your step.

"Into The Dark" Khai [Octal Sound]

There is more than merely an ounce of romance in this track from Khai. It's got a lot of love and a lot more fun in its innovative, charging energy. 

"Me & You" Sam Sure [Black Butter Records]

The Black Butter crooner Sam Sure is a guaranteed workhorse who delivers. His voice has a beautiful British accent to it that makes it personal and definitive, and it pairs oh so well will the top notch production on "Me & You".

"New Glass" Roseau [Big Dada]

With an apt vocal comparison to M.I.A., this track from Roseau succeeds in its playful experimentative nature. It's like a underground warehouse Alice in Wonderland adventure.

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"Shoulda Known" Loxe [Dusty Records]

Cool, calm and absolutely sexy is this track from Loxe. You shoulda known this one was going to slap the dancefloor around, and now you know!

"Robert Talking" Duke Dumont featuring Robert Owens 

Oh man, here is a classic work of house music that just had to be included. The Duke is on a mission to bring house music back to its roots in a contemporary context. 

"In the Flames" DJDS [Body High / Loma Vista]

One of my favorite Los Angeles duos have been delivering hit after hit, and here they have done it again! They hypnotize and enamorize, taking control of their audience's musical lives in a most excellent way!

"Walking On" Tender Games [Suol]

A new personal favorite from a fresh UK Garage inspired Berlin based group, Tender Games. These cats are nothing new, but their rise to the top continues. They are refined and making good music is clearly all that is on their mind!

"Hotline Bling But You Caint Use My Phone Mix" Erykah Badu

Let's close it out with by far the best remix/cover of Drake's latest pop hit by Erykah Badu. I don't need to say anymore than that to get you to listen, do I?

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