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Top 10 Techno Tracks of the Week 10/7/15 - [Chart]

Magnetic Magazine's weekly top 10 techno chart.  This week features tracks from Axel Karakasis, Uto Karem & Hollen, Zeké Africa, Nicole Moudaber & Skin, and more!  Curated by Cameron Rule.
Nicole Moudaber press pic

Nicole Moudaber

What's up Magnetic Magazine readers!  Welcome back to another installation of the top 10 techno tracks.  You are all here for the music so instead of rambling on I will jump right in.  Enjoy!

“Blame Me”
Axel Karakasis
[Remain Records]

Axel Karakasis brings the heat with his two track Blame Me EP. The title track has a rocksteady beat that will get the people on the dancefloor sweating.

“Side 1”
The Southern
[Da South!]

The Southern has released two banging tracks for his South Side Raw Tools Vol. 1 on his own Da South! label. “Side 1” is a raw (duh) no-nonsense high energy stomper that doesn’t quit. You better hope you are wearing comfy shoes when this one comes on or you will have blisters in the morning.

“To The Piece”
Drunken Kong

Out now on the legendary Tronic imprint, this is the title track from Drunken Kong’s To The Piece EP. It has all of the elements of a solid tech track: a funky groove, deep warped vocals, dubbed out effects, and a clean simple synth stab. It is not only the “gateway to the piece” but a wide open gateway to the dancefloor.

Uto Karem & Hollen

Uto Karem and Hollen have teamed up to release this groovy techno track on Karem’s own Agile imprint. It has a rock solid groove throughout and massive dubbed out break that builds up to a drop that crushes you like a steamroller.

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Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink

These guys have come together for a great peak hour banger. The distorted and aggressive stabbing synth gets the track started off right and then you are catapulted into a full on dance rage.

Zeké Africa
[Moda Black]

Up and coming producer, Zeké Africa, just released this single as part of his 3 track EP The Fires Of Time, out now on Moda Black. Airy pads and reverberating syth stabs float in and out of the foreground as the gritty bass line keeps a steady groove throughout.

“Wah Wah”
Copy Paste Soul
[Intec Digital]

“Oh yes oh yes!” we have another Intec release for you on this week’s chart. This single from the UK producer Copy Paste Soul comes of his latest two tracker Hypno. It’s a deep and groovy jam that is sure to work the dancefloor into frenzy with its morphing acidic bass, oscillating effects, and upbeat house-y synth stab.

“The Clock”
Oliver Deutschmann
[Mobilee Records]

When I am listening to techno I often picture clocks, robotic assembly lines, and Rube Goldberg machines. Oliver Deutschmann has delivered this track, as intricate as the innards of a clock, on his latest EP, Mental Journey. I am loving the blippy stab that continues throughout the track.

“Call It Love (Scuba’s Angel Dust Remix)”
George FitzGerald
[Double Six Records]

This is the second remix to be released from George FitzGerald’s latest LP Fading Love. Scuba has taken “Call It Love” made it bigger and serrated its edges, adding more dub and bit more kick for the club while maintaining the intricacies and beauty of the original.

“Someone Like You”
Nicole Moudaber & Skin

Nicole Moudaber and Skin, the lead singer from English rock band Skunk Anansie, have teamed up to release two singles on Moudaber’s MOOD imprint. Nicole provides a heavy beat that fills up a room with dubbed out stabs and epic bass line while Skin’s lyrics tell of an unrequited or forbidden underground love.

Thanks for reading, everyone!  I will see you all next time for another top 10 techno chart!

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