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The best little island in San Francisco is gearing up for its ninth annual music festival with a doozy of a lineup that will have you bouncing, seadogging, swaying, bobbing, boogieing and land lubbering like party pirates all weekend long.

The greatest thing about Treasure Island Music Festival is that you get to see every act thanks to a well spread out lineup between the two main stages. If you need a break or want to try something a little different head on over to the silent disco or comedy tent, grab a delicious stack of crab garlic fries, ride the ferris wheel or take a selfie up in a tree. This will be my first year covering this wonderful fest so here are a few predictions of what's to come...

Weekend and Single Day Passes are still available HERE! And check out my Treasure Island Spotify playlist below!

1Karl the Fog won’t show up but Buckets the Rain will on Saturday. Stoked for a fall vibe festival with hella jackets, flannels and killer boots galore.  

2.  Big Grams will be the biggest set of the weekend and one of the biggest sets of your year in their big debut. Can't wait to hear "Fell In The Sun" get crushed by the new Big Boi + Phantogram megagroup. BB can't get enough of this place seems like. 

3. War on Drugs at sunset will be one of the most gorgeous rock experiences in your music watching career. Nothing better than a sunset set on Treasure Island with the glowing city as the backdrop and that shimmer off the bay. 

4.  I will marry CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry in an open beautiful field on the island and she will dedicate a song to me during one of the best sets of the weekend. Heart you, future wifey. 

5. deadmau5 will quite literally blow your mind out of your butt. Expect something special from his new stage and catalogue of underwear changing bangers.

6. Saturday will be an earlier arrival than expected for most folks with Bob Moses playing at 12:45pm and a day stacked with energetic electronic, kangaroo approved indie rock and what the hell just happened rap talent.

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7. José González will make you cry happy tears when he plays “Stay Alive” and all the feels that can be feeled are felt. His tunes will be the post-fest comedown soundtrack for everyone. 

8. The duo extraordinaire Run the Jewels will perform with Big Grams for their track “Born to Shine” and the rap gods will rejoice as the island erupts like a volcano of hyphy head bobbing.

Treasure Island 2015 Lineup

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9. Father John Misty will be the Ryan Gosling of Treasure Island. Women want him and men want to be him (and want him). Dapper and talented as all hell. Been looking forward to this one since I missed him at Coachella.

10. The National will bring out some of the other great rock acts for their set and just….jam, man. Maybe a little Deerhunter, perhaps some José, possibly War on Drugs? Maybz

11. You will see comedian Tim Heideker walking around the festival and know you know him from somewhere but just can’t figure out where. And then you’ll see him perform in the Blah Blah Blah comedy tent and yell out loud “Oh, that’s why I know you!” in the middle of his standup and make it super awkward. Way to go.

12. You will have in depth conversations about whether Panda Bear or FKA Twigs confused you, whoa’d and/or wow’d you more. Get ready for some wild behaviors and sounds coming from these talents.

13. We will see a show near the front of the stage because you fuckin can and should, taking advantage of the small crowd and convenient layout that makes Treasure Island so magnificent.

14. There will be a guy dressed as Marty McFly from Back to the Future II because of the looming October 21, 2015 date from the movie. His shiny hat will be the best thing everrrr as STS9 boggles our brains with incredible jammy rockadelicness. Just don’t call him a chicken and we’ll be cool.

15. Treasure Island will become or remain one of your favorite festivals, never trying too hard and always stacked with talent, laid back people and stimulating experiences to enjoy. This is the new way to fest and just like its socal electronic tinted sister CRSSD Fest, it's a perfect two day bundle of tunes by the ocean.

Treasure Island Music Festival 2015

See ya there!

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