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Videos Of The Aftermath of TomorrowWorld Emerge and deadmau5 Chimes In

TomorrowWorld 2015 Gives The U.S. It's first big taste of festival disasters

The video looks rough, but lets be fair how many post festival videos are really going to look all that pretty. Rain and festivals are not a good mix and Mother Nature decided to take a huge dump on SFX's TomorrowWorld, maybe it was bad karma and all the poor festival goers had to pay for it. 

Ok, that's probably reaching a little bit I admit. 

It wasn't all bad, our writers in attendance had a great time, but they were lucky enough to be camping - Read Here

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The English trudge through rain and muck on the regular at the Glastonbury Festival so they are probably snickering a bit about the rain complaints, not so much about the stranded part.

Needless to say the USA has encountered it's first huge EDM Festival debacle and Canadian snark master couldn't resist getting in on it either. Ouch!

deadmau5 tweets TomorrowWorld


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